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1. Sample issue! We're giving away e-Artella #e-5 as a sample copy of Artella! It's a 75-page PDF packed with creative inspiration. Make your Muse happy...
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2. FREE newsletter! FREE Artellagram! The ARTELLAGRAM arrives in your inbox full of golden nuggets of words, art, and spirit...not to mention amazing resources, and our "craft-wit" column that is sure to make you laugh! Author Jill Badonsky says, "The ARTELLAGRAM is a masterpiece. It should win a Pulitzer!"
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3. FREE creative communities! Join one of our many creative communities and forums in the Artella Cafe. Gloria Page, author of Holy Moly Mackeroly: From 3 Stamps to the Smithsonian and Art Stamping Workshop says about our ArtellaVision group, "It goes beyond info/technique sharing. Bring a creative group of artists together, artists dedicated to the passion of living 'the art life' on many levels, artists willing to bare their souls and be there for each other's stumbles and victories, and you begin to touch the reality of the ArtellaVision experience - it is called friendship." Click here to go to the forums!

4. FREE! Creativity Teleworkshops! Frequently, Artella Editor Marney Makridakis offers a free teleworkshop on creativity topics such as collage, poetry, goalsetting, and creative brainstorming.
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5. FREE! PassionPoetry Contest! This free contest gives away four fantastic prizes every other month...and it's FREE to enter!
Click here to visit the Poetry Plaza for more details!

6. FREE! PassionPoetry Newsletter! This newsletter is full of inspiration for poets
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7. FREE! Art Project Forums! Have you ever wished there was a centralized location where you could find out information for lots of art swaps, trades, and round robins? We've created several brand new forumswhere anyone can list collaborative art projects to be seen by artists all over the world. List a project you're hosting, or sign up for a variety of collaborative art projects in our new Artella Swap Central!

8. FREE! Download your very own WildChild Primer for Kids of All Ages: 10 Ways to Cultivate Creativity! Click here for download information.

9. FREE! "Where There's a Will, There's a WildChild" Spinner Game for brainstorming ways to raise money for your dreams!
Click here to download the PDF file.

10. FREE! Visit the Creativity Contest Headquarters in The Artella Cafe to get free gifts for every contest you vote in, AND every contest you enter! Next contests are being posted all the time, and they all come with great free gifts!!

11. FREE! Grab a bunch of fun free downloads in the Downloads section of the Artella Cafe! Lots of great collage sheets, booklets, and more to choose from!

12. Be a "guest editor" and get a FREE Artella mini-zine! Help bjb, our Web support group, keep the Artella Web site error-free. We will send a copy of the mini-zine What Wings Are Made Of to the first person who eMails us about a typographical error, linking error, factual error, or other mistake in the Artella Web Site. Click here to send an eMail to Bobby, Artella's Web Support, and be sure to clearly identify the URL of the page where the error is found.

13. FREE Artella eCards! Send a free Artella eCard...and share the waltz of words and art! Artella eCards are thought-provoking greetings for any occasion. Check back often as new eCards and stamps are added frequently.
Click here to go to the Free eCard Page.

14. FREE Game Room! Just for fun, play around in our game room...more games are added frequently!
Click here and go play games!

15. FREE 5-day sample of Creative ManiFestival! Creative ManiFestival is a 30-day study in abundance and prosperity, specifically geared for creative people - writers, dancers, musicians, thinkers, artists - who struggle with the concepts of money, prosperity, and abundance. You can request a 5-day sample at no obligation! Click here for more information.

16. FREE 10-page sample of Goalar Energy Guidebook! Goalar Energy is a 6-month program designed to offer support in reaching a specific goal in a creative, fun, non-linear manner. You can request a sample of the first 10 pages of the Guidebook at no obligation! Click here for more information.

17. FREE 5-day trial of Writes and Passages e-course! This 30-day course is designed to guide you through forming a daily writing habit by helping you take risks, experiment with different styles, plug into your writing voice deep inside, and experience the joy that comes with developing a daily relationship between your imagination and the page. Click here for more information.

18. FREE! art-splashes in the Articulation archives! Here's what reader Jolene Elliott said about our archives: "Remember those days that were B.E. (before eMail), and we would await the postman on the front step for a note from a faraway friend? Articulation is like that 'note from a faraway friend' to me now, arriving in my virtual mailbox each week. Being able to delve into the Articulation archives (where treasured works of art and words are all in one place for safe keeping), it is like the box I used to keep tied with string holding precious memories...always in reach, always ready to inspire and remind."
Click here to splash in the art.

19. Get published, get a FREE copy! If your art or writing is published in Artella, you receive a complimentary copy of the issue.
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20. FREE Artellavangelism Prize! We give away a free e-booklet called 101 Topics and Triggers for Explorations in Collage and Writing to anyone who spreads the word about Artella and directs them to our Web site. It's true! Just tell everyone you can, and then click here to send a blank eMail to our autoresponder, and we will send you the free booklet. Simple and fun to do, and everybody wins! (IMPORTANT: After making your request, be sure to respond to the verification eMail to confirm your request! If you do not respond to the verification eMail, the autoresponder cannot deliver the sample lessons to you.) If you do not receive an eMail from the autoresponder within a reasonable time, click here to send us an Email so that we can help you.

21. FREE Everyday Art E-Zine of Encouragement! An 8-page downloadable .PDF file by Lani Gerity on Wabi Sabi art and life, to inspire you and create possibilities. Full of encouragement and ideas. Click here to download the free e-zine! you get the idea.
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