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About Artella!

Marney Makridakis is founder of Artella Land, the groundbreaking online creativity community, which since 2002 has been inspiring artists, writers, and creative spirits, and supporting them in following their dreams. The mission of Artella Land is to create a playland for creativity, full of unique services that embrace the creative uniqueness of individuals, catalyzing unawakened creative inklings and inspirations to come alive and passionately thrive.

Marney, who calls herself a “Jill of All Trades, Master of FUN!”, started an Artella as a self-published art and literary magazine in 2002:

"I wrote and illustrated my first full-length story, “Lov is Flafey and Spots” when I was five years old. I continued to write throughout my life but I didn’t really do any art again until I was in my mid-twenties, when I learned that art and crafts were excellent conduits for emotional healing. I was naturally attracted to paper arts and simple watercolor paintings, and once I began combining words and art together as an art form, I was in heaven. I found the process of making words visual, and making art narrative, to be a very liberating and dynamic form of artistic expression. What excited me even more was creating an opportunity for collaborations within a creative community. More and more, I am learning how much we long for community, how much it fuels us as we dance with the earth's tilt and embrace all that is possible in art and life.

Thus, in the Fall of 2002, I had the dot of an idea to start Artella (named for "art" and "telling"), in an effort to ignite a communal spirit among artists, writers, and creative individuals.

In order to pay for printing the magazine in full-color, Marney created innovative ePrograms to serve the unmet needs of creative individuals, and became a pioneer in using the internet to deliver out-of-the-box programs and services for creative people. From inspiring, life-changing ePrograms to Artella's whimsical Member Ship Creativity Cruise to the unconventional and wonderfully addictive new art form of Digital Altered Books™ , Marney's inventions continue to make a profound difference in the way creative people think about their art, their dreams, and themselves.

With the help of a wonderful support team, Artella has grown to be a multi-faceted company serving a creative community of thousands in many diverse and inspiring ways. In recent years, Marney has focused on developing special ways to serve creative entrepreneurs. Her popular "Complete Idealist" series (created to counteract "Complete Idiot's Books") and highly-innovative new ARTbundance™ Certification Training Program are examples of Marney's drive to help creatively-minded people do exactly what she did: design a successful business rooted in true passion, personal joy, and creative meaning.

Since launching Artella, Marney has presented courses, workshops, and publications related to creativity, self-expression, prosperity, creative healing, writing, mixed media art, goal setting, and building creative businesses to thousands of individuals. She is a sought-after teleclass speaker, guest lecturer, interview subject, and also offers a creative approach to one-on-one business consulting through her Creative Cartography Coaching.

At Right: BrainDance, 2007. Marney says, "This is pretty much how my mind works.

Prior to launching Artella, Marney followed a variety of different directions on the artist path, making her perfectly suited to speak the language of creative individuals and be attuned to their needs. She has been an actress, cabaret-performing singer, an arts administrator, arts education consultant, craft instructor, and a freelance writer.

These various pursuits led Marney to converge her passions into a single focus: to embrace the creative uniqueness of individuals and awaken the creative spirit and rightful prosperity within everyone.

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