Artella's ARTbundance™ Certification Training Program (ACT)

Applications for ACT 12 Class are due May 30, 2014

"True vocation is that work in which the world's deep hunger and our deep gladness meet."
– Frederick Buechner

A message from Artella Founder Marney Makridakis:

So, if you've come to this page, at least some small part of you might be interested in applying for the Summer 2014 ARTbundance™ Certification Training Program (ACT 12).

The ARTbundance™ Philosophy is an innovative approach of self-discovery through creativity, based on the 9 ARTbundance Principles (Gratitude, Intuition, Balance, Choice, Vision, Action, Attraction, Connection, Service) and the exciting utility of ARTsignments™: unique exercises that use art and creativity as a conduit for exploration and transformation.

Take a Summer Vacation ... Become a Certified ARTbundance Coach/Practitioner

ACT is a 14-week program which offers comprehensive training and turn-key business building materials for using the ARTbundance™ Philosophy of self-discovery through creativity and applying them in a variety of professional venues, including...
  • Coaching
  • Leading Workshops
  • Public Speaking
  • Teaching
  • Writing
  • Creating Online Learning Environments
  • and much more...

I have been developing ARTsignments™ for ten years, and have been training coaches and practitioners since 2009. ARTbundance™ and ARTsignments™ are also the basis of creative exploration in my books released by New World Library: Creating Time: Using Creativity to Reinvent the Clock and Reclaim Your Life (#1 Amazon Bestseller in 2012) and Hop, Skip, Jump!: 75 Ways to Playfully Manifest a Meaningful Life (to be released in Fall 2014).

ACT is a joyful, immensely promising opportunity for those who would like to use their deep interests and passion for creativity to serve and inspire others through creative and truly satisfying work. In 2014, we introduce ACT 12 -- our 12th session of ACT! All our training sessions have been incredible experiences, both for the fantastic Graduates and for me, getting to work and play with such amazing people!

Hear more comments from participants in the Audio ACTimonials!

Read more comments by participants
from the ARTbundance™ Training Program, here!

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The ARTbundance Certification Program includes the following cornerstone elements, including:

  1. 14-Week Creative Curriculum - 14 weeks of hands-on training with Artella's founding flower-child, Marney Makridakis :-), including live teleclasses taught by Marney; dynamic follow up exercises; weekly, individually-reviewed assignments; practice coaching with your peers; and for those who want to do public speaking and workshop leading, opportunities to speak, teach, and be evaluated by the group.

    All classes and practice sessions are held via teleconference, making it possible to attend from anywhere in the world.

    Classes are held weekly, via a telephone conference call platform, on Wednesdays, alternating between day times and evening times (11:00am and 7:00pm Eastern Time) to accomodate for the variety of personal schedules and time zones of the participants. Of course, all classes are also recorded, and it is not necessary to attend classes live.

  2. The current curriculum schedule for the ACT 12 Class, which starts June 4, 2014, is as follows, with classes held on the Wednesday of each week:

    • Week 1: (June 4) Introduction to ARTbundance™ -- 7pm ET

    • Week 2: (June 11) Overview of ARTbundance™ Principles -- 11am ET

    • Week 3: (June 18) ARTbundance™ Principles in Action -- 7pm ET

    • Week 4: (June 25) Deep Play -- 11am ET

    • Week 5: (July 2) Communication and Intuition -- 7pm ET

    • Week 6: (July 9) Integration with ARTbundance™ Coaching -- 11am ET

    • Week 7: (July 16) How to Use and Create "ARTsignments™" -- 7pm ET

    • Week 8: (July 23) Integration with Teaching and Speaking -- 11am ET

    • Weeks 9-11 (multiple practice sessions during three weeks between July 28 and August 15): Live Training and Practice: Live 1-to-1 Coaching, Public Speaking, and Workshop Facilitating

    • Week 10: BONUS Class: Story Completion License – August 6, 7pm ET

    • Week 12: (August 20) ARTbundance™ Business Building Master Class -- Part 1 -- 11am ET

    • Week 13: (August 27) ARTbundance™ Business Building Master Class -- Part 2 -- 7pm ET

    • Week 14: (September 6) Practicum Essentials -- Tools & Tips for completing the Practicum portion of your Certification Requirements -- 11am ET

  3. Weekly Guidebooks and ARTsignments™ - Weekly downloadable step-by-step Guidebooks with class notes, weekly ARTsignments™, and optional exercises to take you deeper into the week's material.

  4. Vibrant Community Website - An active, engaging online community Web site for networking, support, brainstorming and connection with your ARTbundance™ Training Colleagues.

  5. Practicum Opportunities- Those interested in becoming Certified ARTbundance™ Coaches will have two actual, live monitored coaching sessions, complete with evaluations from both Marney and your client. Those interested in becoming Certified ARTbundance™ Practitioners will present a one-hour teleclass to the Artella Community. Most Trainees opt to complete both of the practicum requirements, for the full experience!

  6. Certification Credentials - Upon successful completion of the ARTbundance™ Training Program, permission for you to officially use the designation of Certified ARTbundance™ Coach or Certified ARTbundance™ Practitioner in all your materials. (We also provide graphics for you to post on your site or include on your promotional materials)

  7. ARTbundance™ Promotion Pack - A downloadable kit with ready-to-go marketing materials for your own Web site, and multiple opportunities for promoting yourself within the Artella community.

  8. eProduct Licenses - 25% off all Artella eProduct Unlimited Use Licenses including The NEW Wealthcare™ Program Unlimited Master Reprint License. The Unlimited Master Reprint License offers a turn-key solution, allowing you to start earning passive income on your web site as you develop your coaching practice. With the license, ALL the e-Courses in The Wealthcare Program are yours to distribute online. This option and discount is for those who want to add an additional turn-key stream of passive income to their coaching web site, in addition to becoming Certified ARTbundance™ Coaches or Practitioners.
Now in its 12th update, we have continued to take feedback from ACT graduates, and have continuously tweaked and enhanced the program with each subsequent session.

The Latest Updates include:

  • New! Story License Set – a new set of ARTsignment Licenses plus an added training class…just added!

  • New! Weekly STARTsignment Sessions – a weekly live session dedicated to ARTsignment completion (taking place each Thursday, alternating between 11am and 7pm Eastern). These are a marvelous compliment to the weekly classes on Wednesdays!

  • New! Two New Classes added since ACT 10 -- "Deep Play" and "Story ARTsignment Training"

  • New! Mini MuseMind Groups in the live classes for greater connection and support!

  • New! Video Training Featurettes -- A fantastic suite of 10 visually-rich videos to accompany your training!

  • New! Soundsignments™: a new collection of ARTsignments™ inspired by sound and music!

These are all added to our other recent updates and featured additions, including...

  1. Extended program Time - The curriculum has been expanded from 10 to 14 weeks, to deliver MORE content to you!

  2. New Content and Options for Increased Versatility - You get to choose if you want become a Certified ARTbundance™ Coach, a Certified ARTbundance™ Practitioner (with a focus on teaching, leading workshops, and public speaking), or both, and customize your training program accordingly.

  3. Expanded Business Building Materials -- Our graduates say that the ARTbundance™ Business Building components offer a comprehensive course in and of itself. So we've now expanded it to allow more time for this important subject. You will also receive and study a downloadable business-building workbook, the 30-Step ARTbundance Action Plan for building your business or practice, a specifically tailored for creative, right-brained entrepreneurs.

  4. One-on-one mentoring with Certified ARTbundance™ Coaches! - Our graduates are some of the most creative, insightful Coaches out there. You'll now get the opportunity to have one-on-one mentoring connections with them, and learn from the best...who have traveled the very same road that you're on!

  5. Expanded practice opportunities! - We're expanding the opportunities for practicing and receiving feedback on live coaching, public speaking, and workshop leading. Your practice opportunities include both peer-to-peer practice with your colleagues, as well as practice with a larger audience in the Artella commuity.

  6. ARTsignment™ License Program! - Included in the price of enrollment, trainees receive a full unlimited license for using all ARTsignments™ presented in the Certification Training Program in their own professional endeavors.

  7. Membership in ACT Web site! - Our new robust online community that allows you not only to connect with your fellow trainees and Marney, but also connect with our active and inspiring ACT Alumni, full of unique opportunities for accountability, connection, brainstorming, and networking.

  8. Expanded turn-key marketing and PR package! - Following completion of your training, you'll receive a newly-expanded promotional package with built-in marketing options within the Artella community, including interviews, free advertising, article publication, focus group opportunities, and more.

  9. ACT Alumni Association! - Following completion of the course, invitation to the ACT Alumni Association, which provides on-going opportunities for collaboration, networking, and mutual support with your ACT colleagues.  When the 14 weeks of training are complete, your ACT journey continues on as part of this amazing group!

ARTbundance™ Coach Training Program Rates

Training Program Cost: $1399
Artella Member Rate: (available to any Artella Member or Artella Affiliate) $1199

For your convenience, the following monthly payment plans are also available:

- 2 monthly payments of $699.50 ($599.50 for Members or Affiliates)
- 3 monthly payments of $466.33 ($399.67 for Members or Affiliates)
- 5 monthly payments of $279.80 ($239.80 for Members or Affiliates)

In addition, we will be offering a very limited number of scholarships through the Lonnie D. Kliever Scholarship Fund for those in the most serious financial need. The scholarship rate is $799 (available in 1 payment, 3 payments of $266.33, or 6 payments of $133.16). If you would like to apply for a scholarship, please be sure to indicate that on your application. We only have a few additional scholarships for those in the most serious financial need, and ask that you only apply in good faith if receiving the additional monetary gift is the only way you would be able to enroll.


To preserve the inspiring and intimate nature of the ARTbundance™ training program, I am looking to keep the next ARTbundance™ class of 2014 limited. We are accepting applications through Friday, May 30, 2014.

Applicants will be notified (either way) by June 1, 2014.

I believe two things will be more important than anything else in order to be a very successful ARTbundance™ Coach or Practitioner:

  1. The first is the ability to sincerely listen and identify the deep needs and desires of the person or people you are working with.

  2. The second is the ability to tap into the universal wellspring to make positive changes in their lives.

Previous coaching experience, or art/craft experience are definitely not necessary to make the selected group of applicants, nor are they going to be the primary considerations in choosing this group. Those will be helpful skills if you have them but the top applicants will be chosen based on a wide range of qualities to ensure that the program is a great match for everyone.

Read comments by ARTbundance™ Training Graduates, here.

NEW! Listen to Audio ACTimonials!
These Audio ACTimonials are a consolidation of about two dozen ACT Graduates sharing their personal experiences with the program. The recording is approx 24 minutes...feel free to listen to a little, or a lot!:-)

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me directly