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ARTELLAGRAM 11-16-2011:
"In the Studio"
An Interview with Peggy Lynn

(This interview is continued from the November 16, 2011 Artellagram)

Artella: In your mind, how are creativity and spirituality related?

Peggy:As mentioned, I grew up knowing I was a creative being and was pretty religious by most standards with twelve years of parochial schools. But by the time I was fourteen I turned more to spirituality over pure religion, so it’s been a way of life for all of my adulthood along with art. Artists are great contributors! Creativity and spirituality are essential ingredients for me in living a life with joy. I see the spiritual in every moment of each day, you know, the abundance of the Universe, its sweet caresses and profound lessons. Creativity is just me manifested as an enlivened expression of possibilities, inextricably intertwined with spirituality in a tapestry that is everything for me really. Every cell is related to every cell – with me, with everyone, with everything. There is no separation as each being or entity touches another in dynamic ways, seen and unseen. Expressing as a creative individual is about as spiritual as one can get in my opinion! Respectful of self and all life, totally natural, seeing the beauty and lessons in everything is what it’s all about! And, it’s the quickest route to unfolding our passions! As artists, or ‘creatives,’ we have a leg up, so to speak, as one foot is (not in our mouths! hahaha) but already in the door – the door of impacting the world with what comes natural to us! We are all so blessed to be woven into this world of ours!

Artella: How is prosperity related to creativity and spirituality?

Peggy: To me prosperity is the flow of energy surrounding a person, place, or thing. People often equate prosperity with money, but I see money as just one form of energy exchange. Money is also that one form that generates a huge impact with many humans permeating so much of their wakeful lives. Or perhaps, the lack of it does! Things like sleeplessness over not enough, anxiety over losing it, stress over the desperation of needing it, mistrust over the prospect of another stealing it, Wall St., banks, bosses, employees, time charts and cards, etc., etc. Money is a conundrum and can generate a lot of negativity. Yet it is usually quickly seen by the masses as one of the most, if not the most positive thing about a person. However anyone looks at that, it is still just ONE FORM of ENERGY EXCHANGE, and each individual gives it the power they do through that filter they choose to perceive it. However, prosperity is entirely different! Prosperity IS abundance and urges one, me anyway, to just want to get up and see our ‘ah-BUN-dance!’ Woo Hoo! Prosperity is absorbing the limitlessness to whatever it is we need at any given moment. This is a supremely intelligent and benevolent, attractive universe that we live in with prosperity everywhere we cast our vision. Isn’t it our responsibility to partake in the universe’s prosperity by the simple choices that we make, really, each moment? Of each day! Taking charge, empowering ourselves, assuming responsibility for our part in our own lives really respects all entities within our circle of influence and is about as spiritual as one can live, it seems to me! One with the Spirit and totally creative as nothing more than that exists, spiritually speaking, in my view anyway!

Artella: What kinds of people do you most enPeggyy working with? Who is your ideal client?

Peggy: Fun, FEARLESS, adventuresome, appreciative, relentless in their pursuits of wholeness, chocked full of JOY, and respectful for everybody and everything! Hey, that’s me! So I want to attract more like-minded people and those that WANT to think in more of the ways mentioned. Yes, we may have a stumble on our paths from time to time, but those dynamic attributes describe us or we‘d like them to be our ally. So, anybody out there resonating with those qualities? Come on down! Come on down to PegLynnArt and we will journey together in a truly transformative, fun set of experiences! I can guarantee you will feel better after each session we get together! I really LOVE all the diversity in people, their passions and their goals, even though we may have similar general tendencies. NObody is really LIKE-minded because we are all so blessedly UNIQUE! People don’t always see themselves as I see them. I can hone in on someone’s potential in a short period of time usually. I can quickly see how things they may have seen as negatives in their lives are really positives awaiting their embrace. Some tools to do this come innately for me, but others I have honed down through the years for this moment in time. ARTbundance™ Coaching is made for right now in our existence! The world is awakening in a myriad of ways as we speak, and we are all so privileged to be alive! We are so special to be selected to be here on earth at this particular time and each of us have specific gifts to share.

Our challenge is usually along the lines of figuring things out. Clarity! “What’s my purpose? How best do I serve?” I knew I was an artist from birth, yet I did not pursue a traditional career in the arts. I was disillusioned with the egoic and competitive natures in the industries, so I chose my own path. One that encompassed art, everything I ever wanted to do or create, use of all the subtle energies I could harness or attract, and super people as spiritual beings and great role models or mentors. That list is long and brilliant, too! I have connected with some of the super minds of modern times and even some ancients! Each one has changed me in some way or another. We all are gifts to each other. Occasionally the gifts we offer others are not sought out by the other, but it is so fun, challenging, and rewarding when we figure out the how, why, what, where, and when of our own connections! I delight in helping people connect their own dots. Marney has dubbed me the “Queen of Magical Connections” and I embrace that moniker! My mother had a beauty shop in our basement as I grew up, and she delighted in making ladies feel better about themselves before they left, like a “Queen for a Day!” Mom was a great role model; an entrepreneur with a home-based business making females feel beautiful! I think I am doing that as an ARTbundance™ Coach and Practitioner in a much more comprehensive and fun way down to the core of the person’s very being! Mom passed over back in 1994 but is surely smiling as she dances now!

Artella: ARTbundance™ Coaching is based on nine ARTbundance™ Principles. Do you have a favorite Principle, or one that you really enPeggyy activating in other people? Which one, and why?

Peggy: Frankly, I love them all! Love, LOVE seeing them manifested in my life, and love that I considered them as integral parts of my life even before ACT, so the ARTbundance™ Principles and I are family! However, Service is one that really rings my bell! I grew up in a service-minded family. Mom and dad, sisters and brothers, aunts, uncles, grandparents were always there when needed – just like angels. It was incredible! So being a “Service Catalyst” is a no-brainer and feels right at home. Service dances around the others and pirouettes to center stage in the ballet of lives as it appears to me.

Artella: What does your future hold? What projects are you working on now?

Peggy: My future will always be more exciting than I could ever imagine, but I am a lover of the present, too. There is always so much to do and all that I love doing, creating, and jotting down for future reference just fills me with joy! I don’t even want to sleep sometimes because I am having such a good time each day leading up to it! Okay, so that may not be so good for me (sleep deprivation), but the great news is that I will continue to have fun! Some folks can get by with less sleep than others, and I believe I am one in that crowd! In my waking hours, I am finishing illustrations for an upcoming book and working on websites. I had such fun producing and presenting the teleclass “Hummingbirds do the darnedest things!: Hummingbirds 101,” spawning ARTsignments like the Bird Woman (or Man) of ARTcatraz, and others that I am expanding the concepts initiated there for ecourses. I am also working on a new book that was literally just channeled through me very recently. I am thrilled about it but will have to keep you informed with more details later. So there I look to the future! Back to the Future! The Circle of Excitement continues!

About Peggy Lynn: Peggy is an artist and writer, incorporating humor, motherhood, relationships, science, religion, art, spirituality, and all the connections that rotate around each joyfully as an ARTbundance™ Coach and Practitioner. She shares her year between the Florida Keys and rural Alabama and can be reached at peglynnart (at) gmail.com.

The Fall 2011 session of the ARTbundance™ Certification Training Program (ACT) is now in session. If you would like to be notified when the next session is announced, simply fill out this form.

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