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Good Gossip about Artella Magazine!

Artella comes in a plastic bag, and opening it reveals why: Full envelopes and paper goods fall from the magazine's pages. The envelopes contain, in issue #9, generous samples of Nepalese paper. Nearly every page has some image that's made to be cut out or unstuck for reuse in artwork, and the publisher's note begs, "Don’t let this Artella issue stay intact!" The magazine itself holds poetry, prose, art, and profiles of contributors. The profusion of interactive, moveable parts almost obscures the content, proving that Artella is by and for excited collage and mixed-media artists who want to have fun. ~Rachel Jenkins, Utne Magazine

I just received the #9 print issue of Artella with its new, improved, subtitle "the waltz of words, art, and spirit". The theme for #9 - "The Journey: Destination & Imagination" - is dear to my heart, thus I opened my copy with Great Expectations. Artella never fails to surprise & delight, from its gorgeous paperstock that pops the colors right off the page, to the often serendipitous & always compelling juxtaposition of the chosen artwork with the printed word. The staff who put each issue of Artella together are not just dedicated to the zine itself, but clearly care deeply for all the varied subject matter, and for the artists & writers contributing. What was an already interesting & useful publication has now risen above the competition, with recent multi-media additions & presentations. I would encourage anyone with even a passing interest in "words, art, & spirit" to give this publication a try. You're bound to renew old "acquaintances", meet some new ones, broaden your horizons, and, best of all, enjoy the dance! ~Sarah Fishburn

The newest Artella magazine is simply BULGING with splendor! ~SARK, best-selling author and artist

Artella #9 is going to take you on a journey - pack a bright little suitcase, here we go. I could carry on about the incredible layout, the colors that saturate your mind, the art "goodies" that make me feel like a kid on Christmas morning... The connections with people, their art and heart: sparkling treasures. And here is the best part for me: I had a good and needed cry when reading, and broad smiles, reflections and good laughs, too. And I just started reading it! I am taking it with me everywhere. ~Gloria Page, author, Art Stamping Workshop and Holy Moly Mackeroly

Traveling through the pages of Artella 9 is a fabulous journey with splendidly delicious and creative travel companions! I "hit the road" (opened the envelope) before I even got from the mailbox to the front door- and wandering through these colorful pages took over the rest of my evening. ~Sally Giedrys

Have I told you how much I love Artella 9? When I got the magazine, it felt like it was my birthday, and the mystery of finding all of the secret elements makes it so much more than a's a game and a present all wrapped up in poetry and art. ~Kristina Winnett

Artella 9 "The Journey" is the best issue yet in an already extraordinary run. Mrs. Makridakis latest foray into "the waltz of words and art" presents another intoxicating mix of style and imagination. It's the perfect muse for artists of any medium. Indeed, what a journey it has been so far! ~Bradley Harding, Writer/Filmmaker

When I opened it and began exploring Artella 9, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven! The little Nepalese envelope with its tiny papers? Loved it -- and THEN I found the larger envelope and samples! Over the top! I might have to go to bed for the rest of the day to recover from the excitement of barely beginning to explore this issue. I wonder what'll happen when I actually READ it? Thank you, thank you, thank you! ~Pat Shafer

When I went through my mail today and I found ARTELLA -- it felt like someone opened a window -- and fresh air enveloped me. And that was BEFORE I even opened the package! When I finally had a moment to remove Artella from the wrapper....I was hit with a scent that stirred yet-to-be-made memories of a lush foreign landscape...and what a SURPRISE when I was able to TOUCH that which induced this feeling! Every page is SENSUOUS...every page a mini-vacation in my mind...every page a new path to wander and explore...and I am in no hurry ... I don't want this journey/vacation/getaway/escape to end too soon. ~Jolene Elliott

The papers are to die for! I love them. And EVERY page is a feast for the eyes. ~Kim

I just got my Artella yesterday. This issue is outstanding! I think that paper and card from Nepal is the neatest thing! My teen-age son even admired it!!! I am hoping to get out my collage kit and work with some of those pieces with the papers. VERY cool!!!! ~Beth Burke

In going through my mail, what to my wondering eyes should appear, but...the most amazing Artella yet! My goodness, it's beautiful - through and through! I love the way you created an actual MAP for the table of contents, with a compass throughout. It's so cool! But really, the whole thing not only looks amazing, it feels amazing. I have each Artella issue displayed on my coffee table, and you can literally see Artella's evolution, from a wonderful and intriguing first issue to the true piece of art Artella 9 is. ~Alicia Forest, Business Coach

Artella 9 is AMAZING! The gorgeous cover and back cover knocked my socks off when I opened up the mailing envelope, but I was totally unprepared for the treasures awaiting me on the inside! OUTSTANDING! The superlative writing and artwork provided by the contributors, the free "art goodies" hidden throughout - heck, the envelope with the sample papers from Nepal would have been enough - but there was more, more, more to be found! As a writer, I particularly appreciated your resource page with 75+ internet sites aimed at keeping our pencils and pens on the "move" - can't wait to explore these more in-depth. Marney, you and your wonderful staff have outdone yourselves with this issue. Congratulations! You've taken the print version of Artella to a whole new level. Keep it coming! ~Jaime Adcock

Not since first discovering the "Griffin and Sabine" books have I been so inspired at what can happen when innovation meets writing and art. The 9th issue of Artella is breathtaking, time-stopping, exhilarating, and utterly, thoroughly, inspiring. I've already spent hours with it and I feel like I've just barely scratched the surface of all there is to explore. From the caliber of writing and art, to the thought-provoking interviews, to all of the fantastic collage elements and surprising bits and pieces (ooo! so many surprises!) to the great how-to articles, the whole issue is a feast for spontaneous journeying into what truly is possible when an entity like Artella intersects with art and literature, pen and picture. Thanks for this heavenly gift to the art and literature world. ~Tara Douglas-Smith

Congrats on the latest issue of Artella. It is terrific! I love all of the wonderful bits and pieces. This morning, my daughter made the Window to Fairy Land, my son found the Australian coin, and I was inspired by the beautiful paper. Thank you for your wonderful inspiration! ~Naomi Sandweiss

You have really outdone yourselves with this issue. It's absolutely gorgeous. I can tell how much love and care you put into it. All the little packets of stuff, and the collage pages, and . . . well, words just can't describe how lovely everything is. ~Karen Hatzigeorgiou

ARTELLA arrived with January's wind
and waltzed in the door.
I warmly welcomed her beside me
on my paisley print couch
and fashioned an ARTELLA afternoon,
a journey of words, art and spirit,
where I, the joyful journeyer,
embarked on a glorious grand tour.
I've still much to read and enjoy of this "grand tour" This issue is a gem! ~Frances Norton Honich

Marney and company, how do you do it? Just when I think you have created the ultimate, never-to-be-out-done, marvelously creative zine, and that, sadly, I'll never see another like it, here comes an e-zine even more deliciously packed with amazing goodies and delights!!! Unbelievable!!! From Zura's Art Journalling, to Deb's Whooping Crone interview, to your interview with THE Danny Gregory (oh my goodness!!!) and everything in between, this e-zine is a "must have" for all of us creative souls! It's so confirming and inspiring! Thank you so much for all your hard work, Marney, it is SO worth it, and I'm just going to have to relax in the understanding that with each future zine things will only get better and better. ~Lani Gerity

Artella really outdid itself this time, and, I'm so glad you did -- it is like Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel. Each page was almost like a collage...with my eye flowing from item to item. Which gave me the feeling of a wondrous dreamlike state. I give this Artella a 10 out of 10 and can see that it is a masterpiece. Gorgeous! ~Karen Kuklinski

In beginning the journey through the pages of Artella 8, I was instantly swept away. I find in Artella a uniqueness found NOWHERE. With this edition you have allowed me a great escape that I cannot take physically right now, and I am so grateful. ~Jolene Elliott

I opened Artella 8 about two hours ago and I have not been able to move from my chair. I'm basking in words and art and music and little projects, all of which combine together to be described as nothing short of the experience of creative perfection. I have never experienced anything like this - no magazine, book, CD, web site, museum, etc. - none of them can come close to the quality and emotional vibrancy of this extraordinary Dreamworld. This is not a magazine issue - this is heaven on earth! ~Tara Douglas-Smith

HOLY AMAZING MAG! Artella just went and outdid itself, outshined itself, if it were possible. This issue blows me away...totally awe-inspiring, not like anything I've ever even seen. Inspiration to return to again and again, it's a sensory garden of delight, the kind found only in your dreams. Artella 8 simply KNOCKED ME OUT. BAM! ~Denise Mihalik

"Artella 8 is the ultimate expression of art in every one of its nuances. Wow! It is absolutely fantastic! It should be put in a museum where it can exist forever. Not only has Marney performed her usual magic of joining writers and artists, but this time adds music to take the Artella experience to an entirely new level. This issue is one you don't want to miss! I ordered 3 extra copies to give to friends." ~William Charlebois

Well, y'all have absolutely outdone yourselves. MAGNIFICENT! Thank you >so much for letting me be a part of this magazine - it is absolutely amazing. The interviews with the creators are so wonderful...the more I read this issue, the more I am entranced. It is truly a work of art! It makes me want to run right into my room, get scissors and paste and start making books. And I don't even do collage! ~Tammy Vitale

I received Artella, and it is the best issue ever. It is absolutely a new phenomenon in the adventure of literature and art. Excellent thoughts, structure, beauty - I can go on and on. ~Eugenia Toldeo-Keyser

(When I opened the magazine), everything stopped. Breath, heartbeat, time. For just a moment while my eyes drank in the soft dreamy cover. Dreamscape. Breath returned in a rush and the pages floated by like jewels drifting through a river. My emotions swung from delight to envy to joy to and back to delight. Vibrant splashes of color and - look! - sound to be woven through the words. A CD nestled so sweetly at the end. Yet it wasn't the end; Artella was a gift to be shared and enjoyed time and again. All I need do was to look through the pages again and be transported into world of endless dreams and possibilities. A true gift. ~Christine Anderson

Artella 8 is without a doubt the most amazing issue to date. Marney has reached a new plateau with the depth and breadth of ideas discussed and illustrated. To compliment the theme of the Dreamworld, the music CD helps elevate the entire experience to a new dimension. It's a dream! ~Dan Gremminger

Artella is the best art support, inspiration, and idea website I have found yet, AND it's such a bargain. I only recently ordered my first print editions of Artella and was blown away by it's beauty and inspiration. I did not realize how many goodies are attached inside and was audibly oohing and ahhing as I looked through. Thank you for being such a wonderful example of what the internet was intended for. Many Kudos to you and all the staff. ~Chris Tessnear (one excited artist!)

Treat yourself to the magic, marvel, and muse-ivation of eArtella issue #e-8. Simply flipping through it will spice your mind with irresistable inspiration. This e-zine is triumph to the world of zines and I wish there was an academy awards for this type of thing so Marney and crew could get the recognition they deserve....Spread the word. ~Jill Badonsky, author of The Nine Modern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard)

Artella Magazine is a gift that comes with that sparkling feeling of the holidays that you love! The color, the crinkly feel that tells you there are indeed toys inside this one (such fun!) and the anticipation only grows - and gets rewarded. Confucius said it and the same basic phrase is a proverb in many cultures: "Words are the Voice of the Heart." May I add that "Art is the Heart Shared." Artella Magazine brings the two together... beautifully. Artella Magazine's many offerings intertwine to form a dance, a way of life that says "YES!" to artistic passions and expressions of them, taking risks and celebrating them. To self-publish on this level is demanding beyond words.
Congratulations and thank you... beyond words.

~Gloria Page, author of Holy Moly Mackeroly:
Reflections on the Business of Art and the Art of Life

Artella Magazine is different. Your brave magazine celebrates the unique, the quirky, and eschews the clever gimmick. Issue #2 even shows that Artella Magazine is not even afraid to break its own molds: it surpasses the standards established by the first remarkable issue. Anyone who wants a jolt toward thinking about — and exhiliarating over — literature and art in a new way must pick up a copy.
~Amy Rosenberg

Artella Magazine is a gift from the universe. Thank you for your no-words-to-describe Zine!
~Jan Royall

Artella Magazine is mesmerizing! The layout is divine, and I love all the little surprises like the Henry Miller quote with the little watercolor tube and the glassine envelopes with wonderful bits and pieces. How do you do it? I do hope you are jubilant and proud of this wonderful creation!!!
~Melissa Chapin

I think your zine is probably the nicest one I’ve seen since (Teesha Moore's) The Studio. It is DIFFERENT, with an amazing quality that makes it stand out during this surge of available zines. It’s beautiful!
~Lori Musser

Thank you again for Artella Magazine. It is just so delightful to see all these creative energies expressing their companionship and unity through such breathtaking beauty.
~Ricky Ray

The latest edition of Artella Magazine is just exploding with color and verse. Crispy vellum envelopes contain magical collage treasures... creating a peek-a-boo charm that’s irresistible. Every page is deliciously inspiring!
~Deana David

Last night, I curled up in my favorite chair and read the latest Artella Magazine cover to cover. It was so delightful to experience the talents of both artists and writers brought together in this medium. It is such a treat for a writer to have their words put to art and for the artist to have their art interpreted. It adds such dimension to each contribution. I really feel your description of - A Waltz of Words and Art- is so perfect.
~Barbara Abramson

You are doing a splendid job of editing and bringing together art and words. I very much like the idea that you have the philosophical slant in a very readable yet enlightening essay at the beginning. It sets the tone and gets one thinking on many levels. The way you have used collages of the various art work from the content areas as a title page is terrific as it shows a blending and combining from the onset. The idea of an Art Workshop at the end is a fitting and inviting touch. I'm proud to have my work in Artella Magazine and I truly wish you continued good fortune with this creative and courageous venture.
~Frances Norton Honich

Artella Magazine 2 is even more beautiful than Artella Magazine 1! Art to stir the senses and lift the heart, text to challenge the intellect and evoke laughter and tears -- such a wonderful combination of talent. Artella Magazine is truly a waltz (well, sometimes even a samba) of words and art.
~Barbara Hintze Miller

I just had to write to tell you how stunned I am with this issue, that arrived today. I had seen the great e-zine issue, but this has taken me way beyond my expectations. You really overdelivered. It is so inspiring and makes me so excited to spend some quiet time with myself to enjoy it and get inspired about writing and art. Thank you for sharing this with your readers, you have something really special here.
~Mary Hold

I've never seen anything like this issue of Artella Magazine. It's the best $15 I've spent in a long, long time. I'll be getting a lot of enjoyment and inspiration from this beautiful and thought-provoking issue.
~Jennifer Rybert

I just received my copy of Artella Magazine 2. I think it is marvelous. I made a cup of tea and took it out to my deck where I sat in the sunshine and read it cover to cover! The work you have put into this zine is amazing and I really appreciate it. Thank you so much.
~Susan Brown

I want to let you know how impressed I was with the most recent print issue of Artella Magazine. You have a real gift for synergy. I was inspired to work on some projects of my own. I hope Artella Magazine is around for a long time.
~Ellen Harper

I sat down and devoured the zine in one reading and I was really wondering what kept you from falling over in exhaustion after "birthing" such a wonderful work of art. I know I'm gushing but am helpless to stop. You and your talented contributors have made the word "Archetype" synonymous with passion and power. From the powerful sadness of "The Word" to the wild child song of "Declaration", I found bits of myself in every word and brush stroke. I was overwhelmed by your personal touches to Artella Magazine. I just loved the special ephemera you included. I am in disbelief at how long it must have taken you to include a handwritten note at the beginning of each zine. Top that off with the hand addressed envelope and personal artwork and Wow! words have finally failed me.
~Amy Greving

Artella Magazine is the BEST!!! Your work is incredible. I've just subscribed & will probably subcribe until you stop putting it out. Please don't, ever! I've always loved art in any form. With art, I'm a watcher & a little bit of a doer, but your work makes me want to do more. Thank you so much.
~Celia Henry

I don't know how you do it. This is the most fabulous magazine I know of. It exceeds expectations, is filled with delights that invite irresistible participation, and best of all, it makes creativity HIGHLY contagious.
~Jill Badonsky, author of Nine Modern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard)

Issue #7 just arrived. What fun! You've delivered more than the promised "Waltz of Words and Art" -- You've sent in the can-can girls, the all-boy band, and the Kabuki players. I love the deep saturated, edge-to-edge color. My pages look totally drenched - Exactly what I had in mind for the "Moulin"-themed story!
~Lynne Perrella
Author of Artists Journals and Sketchbooks

Woo Hoo - this exclamation doesn't do it justice, but I could think of nothing else that captured my excitement and awe. This is my first issue of Artella, and I wasn't sure what to expect - for those of you who are reluctant to subscribe, lemme tell you - DO IT NOW! The issue was so colorful, I spent most of the evening looking at the art over and over - and the writing - the poems are so inspiring. The one word I could use to sum up this gorgeous smorgasbord of images and words is TALENT.
~Christi Conley

I got 7 and it’s beautiful!! It actually seems to have a "life" of its own. Wow...what awesome work the contributors and you have done. Thanks!!!
~Zura Ledbetter

How Artella issues keep getting better and better, I'll never know. But issue 7 is the most sublime magazine I've ever seen in my life. It is full of passion and power and inspiration that actually seems to drip off the pages. Unbelievable work and fascinating presentation!
~Jayne Wilson

I was incredibly excited to see the Theatre & Cinema issue at my local rubber stamping store, and I felt very lucky to grab the last copy. Marney, this issue is a treasure beyond treasures. I have never felt so full of desire to CREATE and push myself to new levels in my art and writing. Thank you to all the contributors who expressed themselves so beautiful and in such raw artistry for this issue. And thank you for putting it together in a layout that combines both elegance and edge!
~Tammy Baker

The Theatre & Cinema issue is the best issue ever in my humble opinion. The whole magazine 'zings' with energy. Please, all who are involved: Take a Bow! And another! Encore ENCORE!!!!
~Gloria Page
Author of Holy Moly Mackeroly

I only discovered the world of zines about a year ago. I’ve collected at least 50 by now. With each new issue of Artella, Marney and her talented friends prove over and over again that Artella is the ultimate! Theatre and Cinema is one issue you don’t want to miss. It is the perfect blend of "words and art." You will want to read over and over again!
~Bill Charlebois

Artella 7 is a delicious feast for all the senses!
~Jenny Ryan

Lights, Camera, Action -- this Artella gets 100 thumbs up. From the little snippets of film and theatre ticket tucked inside to the incredible luscious art and words. Thought-provoking & beautiful -- you start to wonder "Where does Theatre leave off and our world begin?" And, who better to bring together our picture and word stories into one grand performance than Marney & Artella! Bravo, Encore, 4-stars.
~Karen Kuklinski

Artella stands alone as a unique artistic place. I truly enjoyed the Theatre & Cinema issue.
~Claudia Wallace

You feel the art...
You taste the words...
You have come to "know" many of the contributors...and yet...
As in the are still taken by surprise.
An unexpected SURPRISE (thank you, thank you, thank you!) issue of Artella 7 arrived when I needed "an escape".
This issue deserves the Academy Award, The Tony, The Grammy, et al.,!
~Jolene Elliott

The Theatre and Cinema issue is worth a standing ovation! Congrats on a great issue and all the wonderful extra goodies, too!
~Susan Gallacher-Turner

I love that you reach out to so many contributors and offer a kaleidoscope or potpourri of styles, ideas and adventures!!!!! The inserts for Artella 7 were so perfect for your theme! Of course, your zine, with the color and great art, does not need inserts to be wonderfu! All my best - and support to Artella!
~Sherylynne Carriveau
Publisher of "The Gleaner Zine"

Artella 7 is a lush, lavish visual banquet; that astounding box-office smash that comes out every 10 years around the holidays and takes your breath away, sparking Oscar buzz and ticket lines and compulsive repeat viewings (popcorn optional).
Applause! Applause!
~Karen M. Jones

Good Gossip about Artella Teleworkshops & e-Courses!

See more comments about all the individual courses and products in the Artella storefront!!

I just loved this course. It really has helped me with those marvelous ideas I was forever having that seemed to be conflicting. Metaphorically speaking, you helped me think with the landscape view first, looking at the bigger picture, seeing how there can be a lot of diversity in that landscape, before going in to work on details. This was exactly what I needed! I would recommend this course to everyone who ever felt the stress of looming projects and that feeling of what to work on next because it's all important and it's all going to crash down around you. It's a terrible feeling, but a thing of the past if you use this Goalar Energy program, I'd say from this place, having been through it twice.
~ Lani Gerity

I thought this was one of the most awesome things I have ever participated in on the computer! Goalar Energy went beyond my expectations. It had a flavor of Marney from the ArtellaVision group, but it went even beyond that. I found the workshop extremely helpful but more importantly, I found Marney's voice to be essential to my spiritual growth during this period. She is truly inspirational and so gifted with the talent of encouragement and getting to the root of creative life on an inner plane.
~Kathi Scarminach

I wanted to let you know that I was able to complete all of the lessons before our teleconference last night, which felt wonderful. So in the end, I was able to complete my first goal (in style!), complete the GE lessons by the final phone call, and got up this morning and decluttered two kitchen drawers. Hooray! I've also taken a second look at an opportunity to create a small piece of typesetting/letterpress printing for a small competition within a national printers' group. After taking the course, it not only sounds do-able in the 10 days I have, but sounds fun. How about that? Thinking of goals as the accumulation of many micro steps that don't make me fret is making a big difference in my thinking. And visualizing it done is a very powerful tool, too.
~ Julianna

What is it going to take to break through to the other side and achieve that goal that's been sitting in the back of your mind? Constant, consistent help? A defined plan for the left side of the brain? An undefined, creative plan for the right side? Heroic effort by your mentor to drag you up the Mountain of Procrastination? Well, Marney has arrived just in time, and your part is to pour in a little willingness and about 10 minutes a day of concerted effort. Go ahead. You're worth it.
~Richard Hammer

I enjoyed the daily momentum, the emotional challenge of the course, as well as the tangible results toward my goal. I liked the extended lessons and found they made me rethink things a lot. (I especially liked brainstorming from both ends.) I found I would go back and reread all the lessons at one time or another throughout the course, and will continue to do so.
~Holly Hildebrand

Marney, you pay such attention to detail, so much that I could not imagine a stone that you left unturned in the process of creating this course AND I know that if you feel called to change anything it will be perfect and add to the experience. The information that you shared with this course in this form was exactly what I needed right now. Your course helped me realize that my best work is done when I am balanced both internally andexternally. This has been a wonderful experience Marney. What I liked best was that all of your emails seemed to be directed right to me personally. Many mornings I forgot that it was actually a course that I was taking -- it felt that it was a fun email from a treasured friend.
~Diane Armstrong

I just had to write and tell you how much I am enjoying your Goalar Energy e-course. Getting an email every day helps me feel connected to support. I love the idea of breaking goals down into easy, natural steps. I'd heard that before, but again feeling like I have a partner in the process makes all the difference. So far my favorite "Energy Boost" has been the one where you sit down and have coffee and dialogue with your fears. That really helped me get clear about my obstacles, and see which ones I could do something about, and which ones were just emotions I needed to vent. I'm already planning other goals to work on with this system after the 30 days are up. I feel like I have so many tools to help me
create a life I love.

~ Jenny Ryan

This course has, thus far, exceeded my expectations. The daily lessons are the perfect length, because I can keep up with them and work toward my project daily, but I don't get overwhelmed. This productivity is easy and gives me a great sense of accomplishment. There are things in your lessons that I've heard before, but never as gracefully and simply put as you have presented them. In short, you have made me take action when I haven't been able to in the past. You embrace the 'Renaissance Soul' and I finally feel like I am not alone and have the individual power to make things finally happen.
~ Abby Murphy

You have a very warm, caring, organized way of expression and in this program, it is very welcomed. You have taken this whole concept of reaching goals and have made it more manageable for people like myself, who get overwhelmed with too much information in a very short period of time. I need the time to organize my energies and I need the guidance in small increments. The daily lessons are exactly what I need to keep it going. This is very serious stuff for me to handle and you have made it enjoyable, and not intimidating. You use imagery and writing to help artistic-minded people become more prosperous in all aspects of their lives. You
understand our language and our ways.

~ Jenny Dryw

I don't know how to adequately express what this Goalar Energy course has done for me. I feel like our new business venture is so crystallized, that it'll move ahead on its own accord at this point. I'm crazy about the "perplexercises" (extended lessons). You always give many good examples of how to address them. I especially liked the handout that included imagining yourself at a party given in your honor, being interviewed by the newspaper, etc. The workbooks were both so well-done, and the covers beautiful. Mostly what I want to crow about is what a skilled, generous and patient facilitator you are, both on paper and at the telegatherings. I know from experience how challenging it is to do that well, so I appreciate your level of giftedness.
~Catherine Hart

I don’t see the Goalar Energy course as a short-term thing, although it can be narrowly focused if need be. I see it as learning a skill that I can take with me as I move through lots of goals, plans and life changes. Knowing I have a tool to use, whether it is to finish a novel, a quilt or to choose a turn on the pathway, is of great assistance to me. I have always learned new skills by being self taught from a book. You have given me that book. Because you have also created a supportive online community to "dip into" as it were, I feel that I can work out any stuck places I may come to. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to make a change big or small in their life.

In my otherwise insane world right now, your email lessons have given me a bright spot in my journey trying to decide what direction I should take. Not only have you given me a plan to reach my goals but you have made me aware of how important it is to have them. I have many decisions that I have to make and you have given me ME back. Setting goals again has brought a peace that has been missing in my life. I knew that something needed to change and the knowledge and insight you have shared are totally appreciated.
~Sally Yorke

Marney has a way of accessing both the left and right side of my brain. She speaks to the logical part, and sings to the creative spirit. She was with me every day in my email inbox as the person who lifted me up, kept me focused on my goal, and provided a different way of looking at how I could accomplish it. She got me present to what I am really committed to, and how to push through the negative voices to get to the place where I can hear my
own voice again.

~Melissa J. Daimler

I just have to share with you how much I enjoyed class the other night. I was a little kid, smiling and giggling with glee the whole time. I stayed in that high vibration the whole time during class, and even went to bed feeling total and complete joy and bliss.
~ Loretta Peters

I wanted to thank you for last night. I enjoyed it and actually was pleased with my collages, though I know that was not the only goal. You have a wonderful energy and share it very well, even over the phone.
~ Sheri Nadler

Thank you so much for last night!!! It's a lovely approach and I thank you again for putting your work out there into the world. I'm stoked and feeling more creative these days than ever before in my life. And I'm so looking forward to reading the workbook you sent along...what abundance!
~ Catherine Hart

THANK YOU for a wonderfully inspiring, satisfying and juicy teleconference!!! It was so great to meet you, Marney, and all of the other amazing, creative people who communed with us. I can see how this exercise would conjure up magical new ideas and connections that one might never think of solo. Thanks for hosting such a wonderful forum in which all things are possible.
~ Karen Amore-Mueller

Just had to write and tell you how much I enjoyed the collage teleworkshop. What a wonderful concept! I enjoyed how you brought together the elements of individual expression (traditional collage) and blended them into a group setting. The fact that we were goal setting was an added bonus. Thank so much for making the unique opportunities available. Keep those
classes coming.
~ Jaime Adcock

How does Marney design and deliver the perfect course at the perfect time? YOU * U is fantastic. It is set up so that you get your lessons each Monday -- and then you self-pace completing the lessons with the support of Marney and everyone else in the class. How do you eat an elephant -- or develop your own teleclass? One Marney Week at a time! And, as always Marney has included all sorts of extras...there are the daily YOU NiqueNotes that are inspiring and relevant -- and personalized with your name. There are the group calls, the one-on-calls, the one-on-one e-mails, the Yahoo group e-mails. She is so totally available and tuned in to what will help you succeed. I highly recommend this course!
~ Karen Kuklinski