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Welcome to Garden 507 in

Click the links below to read the winning poems for the week of May 7, 2004.

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Paula Vander Schouw

Soul Steps

My sky is bird solid,
black wing dark,
a dream roof that lets the rain in.
If I lost all my skin, I could walk there;
a fluttering trail of soul steps,
baby steps at first,
roof-top-free and singing with angels.
I knew these stars by name once:
Antares was my heart,
Castor and Pollux my numb toes.
Weeds have grown so high that I’ve lost my milky way.
The stars say I’ve changed.
They don’t call anymore.

My sky is wing thick and if I jump
I might catch its black death
or be slung by my hair to a rooftop
where the sandpaper shingles might scratch my bare back,
but I could throw pennies into a dream pool below,
wish for a sunrise on venus,
or to be called by a familiar name.

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Lyse Stormont

Flight of the Grasshoppers

Time of the Healing Moon;
Eerie silence of an August morn.
Clan Mother watches
over her children.

Hopping robins bare
blazing breasts
to the rising disk
Goldenrod waves
of pale torchlight.

Daisy yellows show me
pure open faces;
Horsetails flick and switch
in the fields.
Branches sway,
poplar leaves shiver with
the onyx statue
of the raven.

A steady beat as my footfalls
hit the pavement.
Running midst the aqua-blue gems
of grasshopper wings.

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Agnes Lutes


Scissors please cut away the past
You must do it in a flash
Someone is waiting to be born
Sun is rising on a brand new morn
This request to you I bring
All that has been, cut the string

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Marilyn Hansen


Corporate woman no more
Before shining of sun
Suited and out the door

No choices, pets galore
Walk, walk, walk, run, run, run
Corporate woman no more

Daily chores abhor
Catastrophe, yet fun
Suited and out the door

Muses know it is war
For the woman’s undone
Corporate woman no more

There she is on the floor
Clammors goddess of done
Suited and out the door

Jeans ,sweats, shorts now soar
The woman’s outdone
Corporate woman no more
Suited and out the door

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