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Click the links below to read the winning poems for the week of April 16, 2004.

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Sean Pinto

Upon Stronger Bridges

Suddenly she smiled
from the insipid security of greener
anchors that clutched
her insatiable novelty
to the blushing blades as
the loner leaf
sulking in his dewy isolation
echoed the early gold harp strings
that tuned themselves
to the chords of her silence.


Eternity wept for a second time,
for the amused lace
weaving itself into wonder,
the carelessly rolling
dawn tendrils mocking
carefully starched uptightness
the little pink shoes
footprinting the dust of dreams
with twinkling question marks

Consolation is just a reflection
in her broken mirror
trapped inside a million
shimmering pieces of stillness
weighed by an unbroken persistence
of breath, a beating heart
and the church bells that chime
reminders of the waltzing shadows
who will visit no more.

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Kimberlee Titus

After Seven

Today I heard a song
That reminded me of
A day we’d spent together
Many years ago.

You and I sat
on the back patio deck,
Soaking up the sun.
Sultry jazz, like the grill,
Smoking in the background.

It was my first discovery of
Your passion for
Dark imported beers,
Among other things.

It was a day when
I looked at you,
Sitting on a chaise lounge
And knew how I’d feel forever.

Questions twisted,
Turned & flowed,
Wringing out big juicy drops
Of flavorful conversation.

Hours later,
The sun dipping low,
We slipped inside
Falling into a luscious couch nap.
Waking later to the evening chill
You held my hand
As you drove me home,
Smiling entirely.

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Mimi Sun

Fate's Game

The curtains lift, uncertain, a wary veil
Once a shapeless shadow flew with doubt
Unsettled -- a painting perfect piece of Utopia
Seeping through white palms of the sky.

My view is clear now, past clustering charm
And unsightly beauty's invitation
The perpetually intact Eden roots -- unprovoked
Dwelling on a line before a half sun.

The steep path accepts my struggling steps
It challenges, ambiguity's rule must be followed.
In synchronised movements, my Paradise and I,
It remains the same myriad dreams away.

Stars prick the sky above the Heaven,
While the sky overhead remains abandoned.
The fireflies dance around an intoxicating fragrance
From unidentified petals declared inside me.

The solid, reluctant river trips under my feet
My internal torch of search floods a scene
A shining, moonless mercury pool of isolation
But my poisoned petals blushed still.

Hope's success

A dawn brushes blushes on me, and reveals
In the glowing blanket of sunlit morning dew
A silhouette
Of a familiar Person.

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Micaela Allen

Colors of Love

I had come to realize, I had never written a poem to you…
Could it be possible, That I’d only written in tones of blue?
For a change I would write in brightly sounded colors
And tell the tale of two young lovers.
It all started very frank, and plainly enough
She saw him one day looking handsomely rough
They spoke when he came in to pay for his car
Little did they know, wishes were granted from afar
Both of them from broken homes and rocky dead ends
All they wanted from each other, was to be "just friends"
In the months to follow that friendship grew deeper
He sent a bouquet of white roses, he wanted to keep her
The sparks flew with one moonlit innocent kiss
And another has followed every day since
They had secrets to share, and bodies to explore
Then some time later there were yellow roses at her door
Dates were often just dinner and the TV
But that was just the way they wanted it to be
One night they made a commitment to each other
And the next day the roses were pink that he brought her

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