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Welcome to Garden 406 in

Click the links below to read the winning poems for the week of April 6, 2005.

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Dawn Richerson

Eons That Elude Me

How I have missed you!

Adrift on still waters, eyelids heavy
and too tired to see what lands were left to be found,
I floundered, forgetting you were
right here – in the invisible world where,
click-click-click, side by side
we navigate the moonless nights.

So here we are again
sailing twin ghost ships and singing drinking songs…
having learned it is better to sing loud
than not at all, and knowing at last
our thirst can never be quenched
by drink or dive or dare,
but must be sated with a tip of the hat
to the spirit-adventurers within
which have explored worlds together
for eons that elude me in memory
but roar like an angry ocean
in the deep of my soul.

You race around inside me
like a stowaway playing hide and seek
so wanting to be found. But you know
you’ve been found and will be found.
It’s the being found your crusty explorer’s heart depends upon.
And I depend on knowing there will be joy
for you will be found and in that moment
land and sea and heaven and earth
shall coalesce into perfection,
that sweet seed of life and joy
as clear as the dreams
you live to tell.

Where shall we go now?
Deeper into mystery? Further out to sea?
Or to the bay you showed me – that hidden
cove of ecstasy? Perhaps straight on, full-speed
to truth that is our mission, blowing our foghorns
and raising high our color of infinity?

Sail on, then. Let us see where
love will lead us.

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Cassandra Key

The Death of Me

I am poisoned by

compact emotions,

boxed-up words.

Poetry is a slow death.

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Barbara J. Gewirtz


Woman of colorful verse

Imaging rhymes with time

Expression scented by the sun

Sights serene and sublime

Orange horizons

Revealing growth green

Opalescent skies

Glistening droplets of rain

Clouds lifting and shifting

Casting pigments upon parchment

Hues of the earth

Portraying words to be seen

Painting nature by letter

Penning paper with sound

Creating radiant reflections

Cradling delectable dreams

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Naomi Sandweiss

Amaryllis Monster

Amaryllis monster dwells underground

an ugly claw.

Layers of greenish brown

reminiscent of phlegm pushing upward toward the surface.

Once it breaks through the earth,

watch out! There is no place to hide.

While you turn your back,

it adds inches.

Growing taller and stronger by the minute,

one day it blooms.

Red Brilliance,

a flower the size of your palm.

And you realize that it is not a monster at all

but possibility itself.

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