Thanks for applying for the free Creative Project Play with Marney, which takes place via Skype Instant Messaging the week of July 29.

Here are a few fun questions. Please complete (you can be as brief or as long as you like) and we will be in touch by Friday July 26 to let you know if you've been scheduled for a session next week.

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Which of the following sessions could you attend via Skype Instant Messaging? It is free to sign up for a Skype account if you do not have one. All times are in Eastern US Time and the sessions last one hour. Please check ALL that apply; the greater your availability, the great your chances of actually getting a slot.*
Tues, July 30 - 10:00am Eastern Time
Wed, July 31 - 10:00am Eastern Time
Wed, July 31 - 3:00pm Eastern Time
Thurs, August 1 - 2:00pm Eastern Time
Thurs, August 1 - 6:30pm Eastern Time
I'm not available any of these times; let me know if others are scheduled