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The WildChild Wisdom Weekend was a smashing success! Stay tuned for photos and other virtual retreat experiences, coming soon!

Artella’s WildChild Wisdom Weekend!

Melissa Chapin, c2005
“I joyously invite you to be with us at this beauty-full pastoral location; we can watch the leaves change colors while we play with our creativity and change together! We will explore wisdom & joy and celebrate the uninhibited child in each of us."

October 6-9, 2005 ~ Wisdom House ~ Litchfield, CT

Of all the retreats I've ever been to, the Artella retreat in 2004 was the best. The kindred spirit connections are life-lasting, the abundance that flowed from the workshops exceeded my expectations,the setting was magical and the laughter unleashed my forgotten joy. I have happy feet that won't be still because I get to go back in 2005 and Marney and SARK will be there!
- Jill Badonsky, author of The Nine Modern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard)

In 2004, Artella’s first "Creative Manifestival" weekend, planned by Artella Founder and Editor Marney Makridakis, changed the lives of those who attended, as they found wisdom, truth, soul-friends, and new visions of themselves in the beautiful setting of Wisdom House in Litchfield, Connecticut.

Click here to get a glimpse of last year's Wisdom House weekend.

Now, THIS Fall, the Artella magic is back...
with the WildChild Wisdom Weekend, October 6-9, 2005!

Once again, Artella energies will gather at the beautiful and inspiring Wisdom House at Litchfield, CT, for a powerful, joyful experience of transformation and Wild Wisdom, joined by special guests
Jill Badonsky...

five other amazing workshop presenters...
and YOU!

Being at the Artella Retreat was the most inspiring retreat I have ever been to (and I have been to over 20 in the past 15 years). What made this retreat so special was the guest speakers were immersed in the retreat along with each participant. In the end we realized that we are each "guest speakers" and we are each participants in the creative journey. It was absolutely magical. The lessons I learned at the retreat have remained with me throughout the year and I can't wait until we do it again.
Terry Jordan

The essence of this three-day weekend is "WildChild Wisdom":

• The fun, playful freedom of innocent, lively joy

• The wise, uninhibited ways of thinking and being

• Thinking and being in our bodies, imaginations, and spiritual centers from total purity

• Acknowledging experiences from our own lifely timelines

The WildChild Wisdom Weekend is organized so that you experience a unique balance between exploring new content, making new friends, and, of course, PLAYING with words and art.

If you plan on changing your life, then plan on attending Artella's Retreat. It is astounding, amazing, alive.... life changing! Who knew who knew a little art retreat could affect my entire universal plan!! Well, with Magic Marney doing the planning, it seems inevitable....Just Do It!
- Denise Mihalik

You will spend three days and nights at beautiful Wisdom House, a restored convent on 54 serene acres, including an authentic labyrinth on the grounds, right in the midst of the Autumn foliage.

A flexible schedule allows you to have a completely customized experience:

- Enjoy an inspiring, soul-filled interactive presentation by best-selling author and creative pioneer, SARK!

- Dive into invigorating morning sessions with Jill Badonsky, author of The Nine Modern Day Muses and a Bodyguard!

- Participate in three workshops of your choice, presented by Artella Founder Marney Makridakis and other inspiring instructors! By selecting your own workshops, you can completely tailor the weekend to stir your soul in the greatest way!

- And many other activities planned to shower you in abundance, grace, and WildChild Wisdom!

In addition to these life-changing, awesomely-catalyzing planned WildChild activities, several "recess times" during each day are also yours to design: play in an all-day Open Art Studio, walk one of New England’s oldest outdoor labyrinths, participate in a healing yoga class, enjoy live music with new friends, or reflect quietly in one of Wisdom House's beautiful, sacred spots.

I eagerly arrived at Manifestival 2004 – a woman on the verge of a life transformation hungry for other lovers of life and artistic adventure. It was such an enriching experience, a part of me never left Wisdom House – the rest of me left well nourished along with other kindred spirits and those relationships still continue to this day! All-night sparkly art parties in the tearoom, giggly story telling with other women, snowy walks on the labyrinth. I got to take home so many glittery goodies in my suitcase I hardly had room for my clothes! I will most definitely return to the WildChild Retreat 2005!
~Glenda Miles

The Weekend begins with Dinner and WildChild Opening Games on Thursday night, October 6, and concludes after lunch on Sunday, October 9. Click here for the weekend's schedule and descriptions of the WildChild Wisdom workshops!

Prices are all-inclusive, and include 3 nights at Wisdom House, 9 organic meals plus daily nurishing snacks, participation in all workshops and activities, and an abundance of complimentary goodies & gifts...Artella-style!*


Shared Room ................................................$849
(2 payments of $424.50)

Private Room.................................................$949
(2 payments of $474.50)

Private Room with Private Bath.....................$1049
(2 payments of $524.50)

NOTE: If you have EVER taken an Artella e-course, or are enrolled in one at the time of making your reservation, save $50 off any of the above prices! To get the details on how to reserve your space with this discount, email Zura at Artella!

Please note that there is limited space for this spectacular weekend. Due to the extraordinary presenters and features we have scheduled, the WildChild Weekend will fill to capacity very quickly! Your space is reserved when you make your first payment. The second payment is due October 1.

Feeling overwhelmed or uncertain about funds? We've created the "Where There's a Will, There's a WildChild!" Game - a little brainstorming spinner game, to help get your wheels turning about how you CAN make this happen! Click here to download the PDF file.

Please use the link at the bottom of this page to join the Artella Retreat yahoo group for the latest updates.

*Participants are responsible for transportation to and from Wisdom House. The nearest airport is Bradley International Airport, approximately 50 miles away from Wisdom House. Participants will be arranging for shared rides, or private car service is available.

Click here for the weekend's schedule and activites!

Click here to reserve your space!

For any questions, contact Zura, Artella's Administrative Manager!

When the abundance fills the air so you can breathe it in like the scent of lilacs-
when your skin dances as energy flows between and among a circle of women as power manifest-
when you find lost pieces of yourself in the eyes of someone you thought was a stranger two days ago-
when you enter a building as participants, and leave as sisters-
then you know you've been to an Artella retreat!
I recommend it as a don't-miss event for anyone looking to renew, rejoice and receive.
I'll be at Wisdom House for the second year!
Embrya deShango

Download your very own
WildChild Primer for Kids of All Ages:
10 Ways to Cultivate Creativity!

Click here to download the PDF file

Wisdom House 2004...
We came: 20 strange women; young and old.
We played with each other, we sang to each other.
We cried for each other, past and present and absent.
We left; no longer strangers, yet even stranger;
Marney-magicked into Be-ing;
Other; in a Field of Others, and, amazingly,
That was a last, finally and forever and ever amen; OKAY.

Wisdom House II, 2005:
- Adela

Click here to join wildchildwkend
Click to join the yahoo group for the WildChild Wisdom Weekend!

Communal Art Created at the 2004 Retreat