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Welcome to Garden 820 in

Click the links below to read the winning poems for the week of August 20, 2004.

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Sudha Suri

Only Butterflies

Who can know looking at the larva
its potential to be a butterfly.

It is the faith which gives the courage
to watch the process happen.

So it is for each one of us

Look around ------
See butterflies in their various stages.

Some still a larva -----
engrossed in enjoying the mulberry leaf ,
The world of their five senses.

Some a pupa -----
Looking within
struggling with their own ugliness and limitation
striving for freedom.

Some butterflies ------
Creating beauty and happiness
flitting from flower to flower,
selflessly pollinating
becoming instrument in creating new life.

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Ann McGovern

No Vember

No telling me bar jokes,

no bringing me a wondrous stone for a present,

no wine down my throat,

no fingers on my nipples,

no warmth of your thigh

on my thigh,

no kisses on my toes,

no washing all the pots,

no filling the gas tank,

no playing Cuban music

I dance to, only for you.

no deepening of deep.

No vember.

Who ever liked November

and put Thanksgiving at the

end of it?

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Chelsea Rose

The Dark

The dark inside

Of the tomb

Is stifling

Like the black eye

Of a creature


The dark inside

Of your soul

Is intriguing

Like the pale glow

Of the moon

In the sky

The dark inside

Of my room

Is comforting

Like the warm depths

Of your hugs

In the night

The dark inside

Of a pond

Is soothing

Like its glass reflection

Of the night


The dark inside

Of your heart

Is mysterious

Like the touch

Of your mouth

On mine

The dark inside

Of my mind

Is confusing

Like the thoughts

Of who you are

To me

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Ashley Fothergill

Hello Loneliness

Hello loneliness, I guess we meet again, its just me, you, this paper, and a pen.

I thought this time you had truly gone away, I didn't invite you back, so its not going to be a long stay.

So don't get too comfortable torturing my every being, because soon the back of my hand will be all you're seeing.

I am alone crying in the stillness of the night, my army left me all alone to fight.

I don't really know which way to turn, I guess in it all there's a lesson to learn.

I don't know how much more of this I can take, I am desperately trying to not make another mistake.

My heart is left heavy, sad and sore, I am fighting in a losing war.

The sin in my life is pushing me into the ground, once again loneliness is all that is found.

It's embedded itself into my soul, I've subconsciously allowed it to take over control.

The voices that scream inside my head, they allow me to think that I am better off dead.

They make me feel like I am going insane, total control I must regain.

I used to embrace you as my closest friend, now I can't wait for it to finally end.

Hello loneliness, you're not welcome here anymore, I ' m ending this romance, I'm shutting the door.

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