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Click the links below to read the winning poems for the week of March 25, 2005.

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Brandi S. Henderson

Keeping As Myself

Keeping as myself was vastly tiny then;
comfortless, from magical darkness
through light.
The risk of truth, simple and clean
but with a full world that
could shake me in a bad play.
Learning to bloom is a bargain
which asks you to leave
your cocoon, almost grown,
up from a cold sky,
falling on people.

An ant in the grass,
nibbling on the inside of
a can at a summer banquet.

Never seeing this birdhouse is
unnatural, obscured by your
clouded room.
Floating out your timed belief
that you were alone.

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Kurt Jones

Midsummer Dream

I danced with water
I stood in a warm afternoon meadow
I faced the sun as it blessed
The early evening

I was a man in another time
Back when the earth was pure
When the sun was mellow
When the moon came in the morning
So there was no worry for the future

Creation painted my face
The land breathed beneath me
The sky gently whispered a miracle
While the flowers sang a wedding march
Majestic as birth

I had fled
fear, muddy battles
a long-passed past

I was wed
to present earth

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Amber Whitman

Winter Queen

The winter queen brings forth her fury.
The snow falls for days on end.
The winds lash bitterly friend or foe.
With a wave of her hand ice encapulates the land.
It envelopes objects big and small.
It drips and hangs, icicles in dagger forms.
The air is so sharp it rushes and cuts through your senses.
On her throne of ice she sits and smiles.
These are the days of winter.
When the queen brings forth her fury.

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Michael Levy

Truly Remarkable Existence

There are places on earth, where once buffalos roam
now; large skyscrapers fill with luxurious commercial trappings,
which accommodate no true pleasure nor sincere cheerfulness


There are places on earth
where there is no need to read,
or workout mathematical equations,

There are places on earth
where there is no demand for scientific findings,
nor any necessity for philosophy,
or religious understanding

There are places on earth,
where all effects live with natures intelligent wisdom.......

Where the simple joys of life do exist.......

Where eagles soar around high mountains,
where spiders relish homespun silken webs,
where ants assemble domestic hills,
where bees shape family hives,
where exotic flowers dance in the breeze,
to infuse the air with ambrosial perfumes,
Where all animals frolic and play in sprightly abandonment
Where every baby enjoys the moments of innocence
in unaffected love & joy

In the course of time everything returns to dust,

All creatures large and small that found no justification
for dependence on an intellect, to enjoy life,
and followed natures authentic sequence,
will have undergone a truly remarkable existence.

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