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Welcome to Garden 1210 in

Click the links below to read the winning poems for the week of December 10, 2004.

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Kim Gelinas


It's the quiet I treasure
At the weekend's daybreak
The time I am given
For contemplation as I come awake
Only silent stirrings
Rustle the morning air
Allowing me hours
Of nurturing self-care
I breathe in the sunrise
With eyes brand new
The brilliant colors lighting the sky
As if on God's cue
A playful pair of squirrels
In a game of "Race the Fence"
Just chasing one another
Free of any pretense
A soft melody fills the air
The lilting voices of songbirds
Warbling their melodic tune
A symphony without words
The glory of each new day
Is its best at the crack of dawn
All the possibilities loom ahead
At this morning phenomenon

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Ann McGovern

Beach Dreamings

I close my eyes at the beach
and wonder if the sounds the sea makes
as it rolls toward shore
is a whoosh
or a roar
or an impassioned speech
cut off at the crest.

I close my eyes and see
behind my lids
deep orange sands
crisscrossed by tracks
where, in a distant past, there were
turtles that hatched, scaly iguanas
and the old bleached bones
of us all.

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Alex Silva

One Life

Dark was I once,
tis true as time passes,
the leaves of the trees,
in autumn will die.
Soon spring will come,
with its life giving rain,
seasons do change,
as the oceans to tide.
Once was I fading,
shallow as a wave,
alas ebb or flow,
not good but for wading.
Time was my teacher,
I learned as do most,
a lesson so important,
without it I'd be lost.
I have but one life,
the only I have,
if you do not live it,
you've lost all you had.

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Maureen Ryan Griffin

In Gratitude to Shining You

Brave moon, courageous
moon, it may seem
like you are only
reflecting sunlight, yet look
at how you continually
begin again
in answer to
the darkness, look
how you keep
tilting your best
face forward, each
glimpse of you
more beautiful
than the last, look how
you shine, you
shine, shine on

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