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Drink Up!
Today's LinkLatte is www.MuffinFilms.com. Get your day started off right with some great animated movies about muffins. Yes, it sounds bizarre...and actually, it kind of IS...but it's so much fun and I promise you'll laugh out loud at least four times.

' Tella Tea
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Some Raves about Artella's LinkLatte Emails....

For the first time I can remember, I actually look forward to starting my workday, and it's all because of the LinkLatte emails. I so appreciate this resource and there's no question that I'll continue my Membership, for these daily "Web excursions", alone!
- Gwen Parsons

Even my husband knows that I won't do anything until I have my morning Latte with Artella! There's no denying it: you've changed my mornings forever!
- Tara Douglas-Smith

Since I am living in a small town in Africa, I sometimes feel cut off from the world at large, but in a relatively short time, these little LinkLatte morning perks have given me a new sense of connectivity.
- Charlotte

I signed up for LinkLatte and I'm so glad I did! I always knew there was neat stuff out there on the web, but never knew how to find it. Thank you for finding all those cool links. I love exploring them! It's like taking a mini-vacation on my computer.
-Christine Anderson

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