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Host eCards At Artella!

It's Artella's newest adventure, as we join hands with artists to help them reach greater audiences!

Have you ever wanted to have eCards of your own art, or are you interested in some out-of-the-box ways to get more exposure or draw more traffic to your site?

Artella's free ecards are tremendously popular, and we've seen in our success the potential to bring YOU success by allowing your art to reach more and more people in this fun, unconventional way.

For minimal fees to cover our expenses, your artwork can be placed in our special Artist's eCard Gallery, as well as on a home page with your own personal eCard collection. We'll include links to your Web site and/or email address wherever we list your cards, and we encourage you to include your contact information on the eCard design themselves, so recipients can see them.

We'll also be sponsoring monthly contests to give prizes to the artists whose cards are sent the most - so get ready to tell your friends to send YOUR card(s) for all their eCard needs!

Please join us!

The Details:
  1. eCards must JPEG files, in landscape orientation, 400 pixels wide and 229 pixels high, and no larger than 99 kb in size. When you sign up, further guidelines will be given on how to prepare your artwork. We DO offer assistance to those who require help with re-sizing and/or adding text to the image (see below).

  2. To list one card in our Artists' eCard Gallery is a one-time fee of $5.00. See the beginnings of our Gallery, here! We will help prepare your file, if necessary.

  3. If you would like to create your own home page of eCards, such at this sample page of Zura's eCards, the fees are as follows:

  4. If all files are delivered in correct final format (see above), there is no additional setup fee beyond the $5.00 for the Artists' eCard Gallery. If you require our assistance to help prepare your eCard file according to the requirements (see #1), there is a one-time charge is $1.00 per card, in addition to the $5.00 setup fee for the first card in the Artist's eCard Gallery.

  5. Monthly Hosting Fees are based on the number of cards, and are charged every 30 days, for as long as the cards remain posted, as follows:
    • 1-5 eCards - $10/month
    • 6-10 eCards - $14/month
    • 11-15 eCards - $19/month
    • 16-20 eCards - $22/month

  6. The fees are paid month-to-month, deducted automatically from your Paypal account (you may also pay by check). You may remove your cards at any time, and there is no obligation or minimum contract required.

  7. If you would like to sign up, please write Zura at and let her know whether you are interested in listing one card in the Gallery, or if you're interested in having our hosting your own eCard collection. She'll give you all the information you need to get started!

    Go to Artella eCards page!