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Gift From The Sea
by Anne Morrow Lindberg
I received this book as a high school graduation gift, and it has held a special place on my nightstand ever since. The book holds short meditations on subjects such as love, marriage, independence, peace, and solitude. It is written and themed around various sea shells that the author found on the beach during a brief solitary vacation when her children were young. This book speaks to me of the necessity of taking time alone for ourselves, no matter how busy we are.

Review by Anne Marie Bennett.
A String and A Prayer
by Eleanor Wiley and Maggie Oman Shannon
I picked up this delightful little book at a time in my life when I was longing to make prayer a special part of my everyday practice. Following the creative ideas and simple guidelines suggested here, I made my own string of prayer beads which I use to this day. The book covers the history and symbolism of prayer beads, and teaches simple techniques for stringing beads along with found object. There also is a good selection of prayers and rituals for using the prayer beads in an everyday practice. I was brought up Catholic, and loved the idea of the Rosary. This book shows you how to create one that is your very own, matching your soul completely.

Review by Anne Marie Bennett.
Ask and it is Given
by Jerry and Esther Hicks
This extremely powerful book makes an approach to spiritual wealth of all kinds -- health, money, relationships -- extremely accesible and easy to understand. It's completely empty of new-age "jargon" and platitudes, and instead focuses on easy-to-implement techniques and exercises that teach how we can use the simple power of our feelings to attract anything we want. The material is based on the teaching of Abraham, which is channeled through the Hicks...but it doesn't matter if you believe in "channeled" writing or not -- the material itself is fantastic.

Review by Marney Makridakis.

High Tide in Tucson: Essays from Now or Never
by Barbara Kingsolver
These essays are ripe and resplendent with wisdom, reverence and the small hopes of daily life. Kingsolver finds grace in the mundane and tells stories that touch the heart and illuminate the mind with lush description, humor, honesty and veneration of the natural world. These books don't seem to make it to my bookshelf as I read them again and again.
Review by Melissa Chapin

Diving Deep and Surfacing: Women Writers on Spiritual Quest
by Carol Christ
Reflections of a Yale theology student searching for the concrete spiritual expression of women's experience and finding a way to talk about that experience (inventing a vocabulary of expression). Christ finds the importance of recounting personal experience and says that the telling of story is how one finds one's voice. Authors reviewed include Chopin, Atwood, Shange, Rich and Lessing.
Review by Tammy Vitale,html

Women Who Run with the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wyld Woman Archetype
by Clariss Pinkola Estes
The seminal book for any woman finding her way to herself . A bible for me that has been read and underlined in so many different colors at different times that I think there is no line not underlined. A book I keep returning to when I lose my way.
Review by Tammy Vitale,html

The Tao of Pooh
by Benjamin Hoff
A deeply simple book about a simply wonderful bear and his friends, living the Way of Life (Tao de Ching) the best way it can be lived: doing what comes naturally. If changing one's self changes the world, this book provides an accessible pathway. Note: skip Hoff's second book, "De of Piglet." It is not on the same planet, never mind in the same league with this, his first book.
Review by Tammy Vitale,html

The Seat of the Soul
by Gary Zukav
In order to make art, we must be willing to find and speak (in words or action or paint or clay or whatever) for ourselves. This is a finding yourself book that is good to pick up and read at night before you go to sleep. Zukov asks "What does it feel like to remember your soul's task?" I think that is something artists wrestle with every day in making a space for and in doing their art. You aren't the only one struggling. There is a point to it all. This book helps you not forget.
Review by Tammy Vitale,html

The Power of Now
by Eckhart Tolle
I picked up this book after listening to a Cheryl Richardson tape, "Finding Your Passion", which recommended "The Power of Now". Having recently lived through a personal growth experience/crisis that placed me directly in the "Now", I have been researching what happened. Even more importantly, now that the crisis is over, I find it hard to stay there. This book has a more psychological leaning to it than I have seen in some of the other books that I've read on the topic. Therefore, it is giving me a slightly different perspective that seems to be what I need to help clarify the experience for me. For me, it always helps to hear different views on a topic to help me integrate it into my own understanding. This book provided that for me.
Review by Laura Lively

A Return to Love
by Marianne Williamson
I love this book because it is so deep. I never tire of reading it and can open it to any page at random and get great wisdom. It is a must-have for anyone doing spiritual work and especially those interested in A Course in Miracles.
Review by Embrya deShango

The Dream Giver
by Bruce Wilkinson
The author of "The Prayer of Jabez" has written an even better book this time. It is an allegory about Ordinary who sets out to seek his Dream. Along the way he meets giants, border bullies and other obstacles to his Dream. Along the way he meets Faith, who is a small fairy. He learns that to defeat the obastacles and reach his Dream, he must follow Faith. A charming book that will inspire you to go for your Dream.
Review by by Zura Ledbetter

One Hundred Years of Solitude
by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
What do I think about it? I absolutely loved it. García Márquez writes the unbelievable as the most natural thing in the world. The transition from descriptions of normal, everyday behavior in the blinding sun to fantastic, bizarre scenes is seamless. I found myself rereading passages to try to work out where things started going odd, but never quite managed it. The pace and scope of the thing is one of its delights. From the monstrously long broad-ranging paragraphs to the bending and stretching of time through the narrative, the experience is a distortion of the real. It is definitely a book to reread. It is a story that reveals more of itself on subsequent readings.
Review by Kim Westerhoff

The Rivers of the Mandala, Journey Into the Heart of Buddhism
by Simon Allix & Benoit de Vilmorin
Uniquely personal observations of two brothers' journey to Mount Kailash, Tibet's sacred mountain. The artistic collaboration is portrayed through a combination of sensitive drawings, and artful photos laid out in an intricate collage format.
Review by Marilyn Hansen

The Four-Fold Way
by Angeles Arrien
This is an insightful book based on Dr. Arrien's work as a cultural anthropologist. In this book you gain insights into practical ways to connect with the Warrior, Teacher, Healer and Visionary Archetypes. The insights and exercises provide ways to show up more fully and to honor others as well.
Review by Antoinette S. Webster

Dancing the Dream...the Seven Sacred Paths of Human Transformation
by Jamie Sams
Jamie Sams brings the wisdom of native American traditions to us in a gentle, yet powerful way. I've been able to make sense of many of the different mystical and mysterious things my personal journey has encompassed. It's like I've had my own personal guide, one who is willing to speak from her heart and experiences. Dancing the Dream is a must read for anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of the transformational journey.
Review by Antoinette S. Webster

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