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Radical Acceptance
by Tara Brach
If I had to choose my most favorite book (just one!) from my overflowing bookshelf of self-help books, it would be this one, without a doubt. I've read it several times, return to it again and again when I need a reminder that acceptance, and particularly SELF-acceptance is the key to a centered, whole, and joyful life. Tara Brach is a psychotherapist as well as a Buddhist meditation teacher, and her depth of understanding of this topic is unquestionable. The chapters are woven with stories from her own life's journey, and also her students' lives. This book changed my life.... it enabled me to let go of an insidious shame and self-hatred that was doing damage to my soul. Because of Radical Acceptance, I am now well on my way to embracing my self and my life, no matter what.

Review by Anne Marie Bennett.
This Time I Dance: Creating the Work You Love
by Tama J. Kieves
This book is already reviewed in the Business, Work and Money section...where I found it first but couldn't find it again after I read it because I went to Self-Help, Spirituality and Writing looking for it. It fits all these categories and more - my new favorite book for where I am in my life right now. The book is quickly read; every line is an inspirational, down-to-earth message. "You see, you already know what you'd die to do." Go ahead, read the book for encouragement, and then go do it.

Review byTami Vitale,
The Difference a Day Makes: 365 Ways to Change Your World in 24 Hours or Less
by Karen Jones
Ah...the Difference a BOOK Makes!!! If you are finding yourself disheartened by the current state of world affairs, don't walk, don't run, but FLY to buy this book. "TheDifference a Day Makes" absolutely blew me away -- and guided me to land in a place I had not yet known existed. A place where I could feel more helpful and less hopeless as a world citizen. A place where giving back is easy and simple, no matter what my resources look like. A place where it doesn't matter how or where I start to make a difference -- because in this book, all the "getting started" work was already done for me. This illuminating gem reads less like a book of resources and more like inspiring prose. Theauthor's graceful, gentle voice did more than inform me -- it inspired me, to my very core. Thank you to Karen Jones for being a beacon for all of us who are ready to change OUR worlds by changing THE world.

Review by Marney Makridakis.
The Simple Living Guide: A Sourcebook for Less Stressful, More Joyful Living
by Janet Luhrs
I credit this book for giving me my start into considering a different kind of life. I had gradually become aware that I was not happy pursuing the things I'd been pursuing for the last 5 years. They weren't what I really wanted. But more importantly I didn't know what I wanted. I kept adding stuff to my life and it was only making me crazier. This book showed me there was another way. I've started adopting some of the ideas and I have recommended this book to anyone who is expressing dissatisfaction with their life and the treadmill they feel like they are on.
Review by Laura Lively

The Power of Flow: Practical Ways to Transform Your Life With Meaningful Coincidence
by Charlene Belitz & Meg Lundstrom
This is one of the first books I picked up on Synchronicity. It is awesome because it provides not only an understandable explanation with a brief history, but also it delineates a process and techniques to help people bring more 'flow' into their own lives. It was a wonderful read for someone just reaching out to better understand what was happening to them, and how to sustain it.
Review by Laura Lively

40 Days and 40 Nights : Taking Time Out for Self Discovery
by Ilene Segalove
This journal has been one of the most insightful things I've EVER done. The book will tell you "Doing something for 40 days can make or break a habit." The 15-minute a day exercises are so simple, yet thought provoking. Yet I've found myself opening up to what I thought were lost memories from my youth. My dreams have become very vivid, and I generally feel more alive. I not only recommend this journal to anyone, I'll be giving out copies during the holidays to all my journaling friends.
Review by Review by Laura Lively

Codependent No More
by Melody Beattie
This book completely changed my life. When I read it, it was as if she had written my autobiography instead of hers. For a long time I had thought something was wrong in my life, but I didn't know what. After I read this book I could finally understand what was going on with me, and how to start changing it and stop being miserable.
Review by Jenny Ryan

The Dance of Anger
by Hariet Lerner
This book was very helpful for me because I had been raised to believe that it was wrong for me to ever be angry. This book helped me get in touch with my anger and start processing and releasing it.
Review by Jenny Ryan

Take Time For Your Life
by Cheryl Richardson
This was my first introduction to Life Coaching, and the first time I was introduced to the idea-and necessity-of self-care as your highest priority. I like this book because it had practical exercises and suggestions that you could use right away to make changes in your life.
Review by Jenny Ryan

Reflections In The Light
by Shakti Gawain
This little book of thoughts and affirmations came after Shakti's book Living In the Light (which I highly recommend too) and it is divided by the seasons with thoughts and affirmations to enrich our lives with positive thought and manifesting our journey in a positive manner. It has affirmations but also the thoughts reflect on the nature of the affirmation and brings positive focus to a negative situation we may have in our lives. The back of the book has an index so you can easily go to the affirmation (and get positive input) on a challenge you may be experiencing. Shakti touches me deeply and profoundly with simplistic beauty and love.
Review by Lea Cioci

I Will Not Die an Unlived Life
by Dawna Markova
A beautiful book about going so deeply into yourself you come out on the other side. Truly a great read for those ready to ponder the questions beyond "what should I do for a living?" This book pushes the reader to ask, "What should I do for a life?"
Review by Embrya deShango

The Path
by Laurie Beth Jones
A book about mission statements, it is supremely thorough. Taking you from other's expectations of you, to Biblical figures who overcame fears many of us let hold us back, Laurie Beth Jones takes a surprisingly low-key and non-preachy Christian approach to uncovering your life's marching orders.
Review by Embrya deShango

Woman's Worth
by Marianne Williamson
A love letter to women to remember their inherent worth and goodness. Perfect for days of loneliness and fear, this slim volume is portable and packed with inspiration for women at any age.
Review by Embrya deShango

The Purpose Of Your Life
by Carol Adrienne
Ms. Adrianne first came to my attention as the coauthor of an experiential guidebook based on the book The Celestine Prophecy. I loved The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield and felt that I would enjoy any author that he would choose to work with. In this book, The Purpose Of Your Life, Ms. Adrianne writes about using our awareness of synchronistic events to help guide us and attract the people, events and opportunities that serve our life purpose. She has a comfortable writing style and offers many exercises to help coax our life purpose into our daily life. I am always on the lookout for ways to keep the romance alive in my own journey of life purpose, and this book helped things along quite a bit.
Review by Diane Armstrong

Timeshifting: Creating More Time to Enjoy Life
by Stephan Rechtschaffen, M.D.
Have you ever wanted to toy with time and make it more your own? "Timeshifting: Creating More Time to Enjoy Your Life" by Stephan Rechtschaffen, M.D. will provide you with some tools to do just that. Instead of battling against time, time can be made your companion and bring more spirit and soul into your moments, days and life itself. Reading this book will help to heighten your awareness, provide you with more time to just be and bring more joy into your life.
Review by Frances Norton Honich

The Purpose Driven Life
by Rick Warren
This book is about how to use your life for God's purpose. Ever wonder what God's plan for you is? This book takes you through 40 days of self-discovery with God by your side. This is another day-by-day but the chapters are more than a page. It is great for a book study or a for couple to do together as well as for someone to read on their own.
Review by Julie Seegler

How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci: Seven Steps to Genius Every Day
by Michael J. Gelb
I kept renewing Michael Gelb's book, How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci, until the library said no more and I purchased my own copy. The book combines recent discoveries about how the brain functions with the 500-year-old genius of Leonardo da Vinci to show how each of us can become more creative in our everyday lives. Gelb identifies seven Da Vincian Principles that he gleaned from studying Leonardo. Each Principle is examined in detail using examples from Leonardo's life, writings and work. Gelb includes practical ways to apply the Principles to our everyday lives, and exercises to aid understanding
and to help develop skill. One Principle is Curiosita: curiosity. Leonardo was curious about everything! He endlessly explored nature and speculated on causality. The section on Curiosita includes a self-assessment, advice on keeping a journal to record your own observations, and additional exercises to make curiosity live in your daily practice. There are also sidebars for parents to help children grow up internalizing the seven Principles. It's a wonderful book to read, work with and return to.

Review by Mary Rowin

Enlightened Leadership: Getting to the Heart of Change
by Ed Oakley and Doug Krug
This is a timeless treasure and has been one of my top "books of the month" since 1996. The first half of the book focuses on how to get people (including yourself) to move toward what they want instead of what they don't want. The second half of the book focuses on asking effective questions (a specific type of question process) and then how to listen. Effective questions generate initiative, innovation, and solution seeking.
Review by Antoinette S. Webster

Radical Forgiveness: Making Room for the Miracle
by Colin Tipping
Many of you may be thinking, "I've done the forgiveness thing already, thank you very much." That's what I thought until I read this book. Tipping's insights and tools can be an effective approach to transformational experiences for people of all backgrounds. Personally I have been able to shift things that I was not able to until reading this book and using the tools and processes. It has truly played a significant role in my personal growth and transformation. For more information check out
Review by Antoinette S. Webster

Comfort Secrets for Busy Women
by Jennifer Louden
This book offers priceless advice and encouragement for embracing a creative life, no matter how busy we are. Louden presents a series of nurturing essays accompanied by spirit-awakening questions that really helped me get to the core of my individual path.
Review by Marney Makridakis

Living Your Joy
by Suzanne Falter-Barns
Subtitled, "A Practical Guide to Happiness", this book is full of tangible advice on how to create the time, money, and extra energy to create the lives of our creative dreams. Falter-Barns goes beyond conceptual talk to present helpful, achievable actions that you can start right away. Several years ago, I took the e-course on which this book is based, and it was directly responsible for the launching of Artella.
Review by Marney Makridakis

Final Gifts
by Maggie Callanan & Patricia Kelley
This book is one of the most awesome books I've read on death and dying. Callanan and Kelley were hospice nurses. They share with the reader their experiences of how those who are dying pass powerful messages to those still living. They explained how to interpret those messages. As my grandfather is in the process of transitioning out of this life, I have sent copies of this book to my family. While it is an emotional read, we have all found it comforting. And we are now able to identify some of the things that are occurring with my grandfather.
Review by Laura Lively

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