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The Great Quillow
by James Thurber
Illustrated by Steven Kellogg
This book is in the Children's section but like many great books you will find there, this is worth the trip. It is essentially a folk tale about a giant and a creative and kind toymaker. I love stories where the creativity and truth save the day, don't you? James Thurber is always wry and wonderful. And Steven Kellogg’s illustrations are pure joy. What more can I say?
Review by Susan Gallacher-Turner

Big Momma Makes the World
by Phyllis Root
illustrated by Helen Oxenbury
Someday I’m going to start a collection of children’s books based on the creation story from the Book of Genesis. This is another great one! Yes, God is a woman and she’s got a baby on her hip through the whole thing. It’s a wonderful reminder of the miracle of creation (with a little nod to evolution as well). As an artist, it gives validation to the act of creating and smiles upon all that is good – and the importance of rest. The illustrations are delightful! Will you recognize the pig from The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig? which I also reviewed for Artella? My five-year-old did!
Review by Deborah Boschert

The Dreamer
by Cynthia Rylant
This children's book is about an artist who creates the world by daydreaming it. It's a beautiful way of expressing "creation" -- all aspects of it -- and how each of us creates our own world too.
Review by KJoy!
Pink Power Jewelry Collection in the Shoppes of Artella

The Big Orange Splot
by Daniel M. Pinkwater
This children's book is from my childhood and it's the first place that I remember celebrating each other's creative differences and lifestyle dreams.
Review by KJoy!
Pink Power Jewelry Collection in the Shoppes of Artella

Love You Forever
by Robert Munsch
This children's book is a classic for children of all ages. The unending love of a mother for her son is shown in a simple song she sings to him every night. It is then reciprocated as the boy has grown and sings it to his mom. My husband cries every time!
Review by KJoy!
Pink Power Jewelry Collection in the Shoppes of Artella

In The Beginning
by Steve Turner
The most delightful of charming children’s books (also enjoyed by adults). The book is made up of a simple poem, a line or so per page, and it retells the creation story from the book of Genesis. It’s clever, humorous and beautifully illustrated. It’s a wonderful gift for a new baby or baptism. Whenever I’m feeling a bit dry in the creative area, I often turn to lusciously illustrated children’s books.
Review by Deborah Boschert

The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig
by Eugene Trivizas
There are about a thousand kids' books based on the three little pigs. This one is the best! Talk about role reversal! Did you know rhinoceroses drove cement trucks? You’ll want to make a color copy of the last page where the pig is dancing the tarantella and post it on your fridg. It’s delightful!
Review by Deborah Boschert

Learning All the Time
by John Holt
This is the best book for understanding how children learn naturally and what parents can do to nurture the intrinsic inspiration to continue a lifetime of learning.
Review by KJoy!
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Your Child's Self-Esteem
by Dorothy Corkville Briggs
This book covers it all! To raise happy, confident, responsible kids who value and love themselves and others, this book is a must!
Review by KJoy!
Pink Power Jewelry Collection in the Shoppes of Artella

Art for the Fun of It: A Guide for Teaching Young Children
by Peggy Davison Jenkins
I love this book because it covers everything that helps teachers and parents help children ENJOY art, feel confident in their abilities and have the freedom to express themselves in their own unique way.
Review by KJoy!
Pink Power Jewelry Collection in the Shoppes of Artella

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