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by Kevin Roberts
This is the most inspiring business-related book I've ever read! The first thing to note is that it is laid out like an art book, with beautiful photographs and imagery, interesting typefaces, and incredible juxtapositions of words and art. That alone told me that this was no ordinary business book! Design aside, it is the content of this book that really makes it a must-have for an entrepreneur. Roberts discusses "Lovemarks" as being "The Future Beyond Brands", where products are backed by great love and passion, driven completely by the desires and passions ofthe customers. When reading this book, you suddenly get a vision of the contemporary marketplace as a love affair between businesses and consumers, with the products being tremendous acts of affection. The book paints an idealistic, heart-centered picture of the future business world, but it is equally effective at presenting tangible tools and practical advice for marketing campaigns for both small and large businesses. The combination of gorgeous visual presentation, soul-quenching idealism, and practical tools makes this book a MUST on my list of recommendations for anyone who runs a business or is thinking about doing so.

Review by Marney Makidakris.
The Tipping Point
by Malcolm Gladwell
This book explores the nature of how trends start, how epidemics (physical, emotional, economical) spread, and what creates "buzz". It's not a "marketing how-to book", but I did come away with a lot of business ideas. More importantly, I gained a fuller perspective of how a community works to share and spread ideas, and the role that each one of us holds in the process of making things "tip".
Review by Marney Makridakis

Attracting Perfect Customers: The Power of Strategic Synchronicity
by Stacey Hall & Jan Brogniez
Attracting Perfect Customers harnesses the universal laws of attraction, intention, and clarity of focus to get the customers you want and that are looking for you. Actually the principles in this book can be used to attract anything you desire in all areas of your life. The authors' writing style is engaging, easy to understand, and simple to apply, and the results speak for themselves.
Review by Antoinette S. Webster

Spiritual Economics
by Eric Butterworth
This book gave me a totally new way to look at money, work, abundance, resources, and my place in the Universe.
Review by Jenny Ryan

The Intersection of Joy and Money
by Mackey Miriam McNeill
There is no longer a need to fear being financially responsible. Mackey has done a terrific job of creating a practical, easy-to-understand workbook for changing your relationship to money. This book is full of examples, ideas, and easy-to-do exercises. It connects our spiritual side to our everyday livingness where joy and money intersect.
Review by Antoinette S. Webster

Making Work Work for the Highly Sensitive Person
by Barrie Jaeger, Ph.D
If you are feeling beaten-down at work and barely able to stand, read this book! It addresses how approximately 20% of the population, categorized as Highly Sensitive People, react towards the modern-day workplace and its vagaries. Perfect for creative types stuck inside cubicle hell.
Review by Embrya deShango

THIS TIME I DANCE! Trusting the Journey of Creating the Work You Love
by Tama Kieves
The minute I picked this book up (in hardback!) I couldn't stop reading it. I needed Tama's wisdom so much in order to slow down my Type-A mind and get clear on who I am and what I really want. This book got me thinking about the future and its possibilities, and not the drudgery of the job.
Review by Embrya deShango

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